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Wiley and SCELC Sign Pilot to Deliver More Open Access Articles


January 31, 2021 – Hoboken, NJ – Global research and education leader Wiley today announced a new pilot agreement with the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) to accelerate the publication of open access articles across 61 SCELC members and affiliates.

The agreement supports researchers at participating institutions – which span the U.S. states of California, Texas, Hawaii and others – by delivering unrestricted access to all of Wiley’s hybrid and subscription journals and granting the ability to publish accepted articles open access in all of Wiley's 1,400 hybrid journals.

Open access is a rapidly growing scholarly publishing model that allows peer-reviewed articles to be read, shared and re-used immediately, making important research broadly available. Research published under the agreement will be accessible for free, enabling a wider dissemination of scholarship among both academics and the public alike.

“Researchers at SCELC institutions make significant contributions to the scholarly record every day. We’re extremely proud to not only support their work, but also to deliver a growing body of peer-reviewed content that can be accessed and acted upon by individuals across the globe,” said Liz Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Wiley Research Publishing.

“We are pleased to pilot an agreement that enables our subscribers large and small to reallocate a significant portion of their subscription dollars to pay for open publication”, said Teri Gallaway, Executive Director of SCELC. “This agreement provides a valuable opportunity to test a streamlined workflow which may allow us to expand the reach of future open access publishing agreements to our smallest institutions.”

Wiley has open access agreements with a variety of institutions, consortia and government entities globally, including with institutions such as the Carolina Consortium, VIVA, Carnegie Mellon and Iowa State University in the U.S. 


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Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) was established in 1986 to develop resource-sharing among the libraries of private academic institutions in Southern California.  SCELC has grown to include libraries across California and 38 other states, and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Among the top five North American consortia in terms of licensing volume, SCELC represents 112 Member institutions, over 200 Affiliate institutions, an aggregate student population of approximately 500,000, more than $200 million in library budgets, and holdings comprising more than 21 million volumes. SCELC libraries can license nearly 2,500 electronic resources from more than 100 vendors.

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