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THE BUILDER'S GUIDE TO THE TECH GALAXY - New book offers '99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies'


The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy: 99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies

By Martin Schilling and Thomas Klugkist

Published by Wiley, priced £29.99

Hardcover ISBN: 9781119890423/ eBook ISBN: 9781119891598

In The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy: 99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies, veteran executives and entrepreneurs Martin Schilling and Thomas Klugkist deliver a collection of practical playbooks to help readers successfully navigate the tricky middle stages of startup growth between launch and IPO.

Whether a company has two, ten or one-hundred employees, Schilling and Klugkist don’t focus on how to go from zero to one, nor on how to take a unicorn to IPO. Instead, they hone in on the critical scale-up stage – upgrading a small pirate ship to a large spaceship.

The book concentrates on the four key building blocks of a successful company – alignment, team, functional excellence, and capital. It distills the wisdom found in countless books, podcasts, and the authors’ own forty years of combined experience in building companies, into a compact and accessible blueprint for successfully scaling a small startup into a lean and formidable tech competitor, within months rather than years.

Relevant to every founder, start-up executive, manager, and business leader interested in scaling a technology company, The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy contains interviews with close to 100 top scale-up experts from successful technology companies around the world, including Airbnb, Pinterest, N26, Zalando, Salesforce, Wayfair, AWS, GetYourGuide, Klarna and Hubspot. It is also full of practical and hands-on checklists, templates, organisational charts, benchmarks, tools, and tips that can be used immediately to confidently guide the activities of a company’s technology and product management, service operations, marketing, B2B sales, people, and others.

The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold.



About the Authors:

Dr. Martin Schilling is an angel investor, startup builder, and scale-up executive. He has co-created and scaled five companies, including a McKinsey & Company subsidiary and the FinTech firm N26. He is the Managing Director of the Berlin Accelerator at Techstars.

Dr. Thomas Klugkist is a management consultant who leverages the experience and insight he gained working at leading companies and startups in Europe (N26, KPN/ Planet Internet, Klett Group, Kirch Group, JCI) to guide change processes and help exciting companies grow.


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