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NEW BOOK - The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace


The Anti-Racist Organization:  Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace

By Shereen Daniels

Published by Wiley, 12th May 2022,  Priced £18.99

Hardcover ISBN: 9781119880622


The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace is an unflinching and practical take on the modern-day impact of systemic racism in the working world. 

Providing a discussion of how deeply racism is embedded in current business practices, policies and procedures, this new book explains how we can begin the difficult task of eradicating it.

In it, accomplished HR strategist Shereen Daniels pulls no punches as she diagnoses, and offers practical solutions for racist and retrograde business practices, policies, procedures and structures that reduce competitiveness, degrade morale and artificially limit an organization’s bottom line.

Drawn from the author’s own extensive personal experience, as well as historical fact, the latest quantitative and qualitative research and human resources insights that actually work, The Anti-Racist Organization is an eye-opening and honest exploration of the impact that systemic racism has had on our workplaces.

Explaining why the most commonly used diversity and inclusion initiatives don’t work, Daniels offers - in their place - insightful strategies for creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment that provides businesses with sustainable competitive advantages.

Essential reading for all business leaders seeking to make their workplace more inclusive and equitable, Daniels also discusses areas including:

  • The role of executive leaders and how to push past discomfort to credibly and authentically lead change
  • Strategies for recognising the problem of systemic racism and implementing impactful solutions
  • Why it’s important to empower colleagues to be pioneers of change and how to do that
  • Explanations of why diversity and inclusion initiatives haven’t yet solved the problem
  • Ways language can either be a weapon to perpetuate systemic racism or a tool to dismantle


The Anti-Racist Organization will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold.



Praise for The Anti-Racist Organization:

“This is an honest, thought-provoking book that takes you on a journey of discomfort that leaves you reflecting on your personal and professional relationship with race and racism.” —Cheryl Samuels, Deputy Director of Workforce Transformation, NHS England

“This book weighed heavily on me, as it should. It’s unapologetic, enlightening, and yet practical. If you are truly interested in becoming an anti-racist organization, you won’t just read this once, but will refer back to it again and again.” —Dr. Jane Brearley, Founder and CEO, Intent Health LTD

About the Author:

SHEREEN DANIELS is Chair of the African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation and Managing Director of HR rewired. She plays an integral role in lobbying for and supporting the business activity of Black female entrepreneurs and is a sought-after speaker and advisor on a wide range of business and people-related topics.

Instagram: @shereen_daniels
LinkedIn: Shereen Daniels ‘The HR Conversationalist’



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