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Wiley Further Advances Spectral Identification with its KnowItAll 2021 Release


Release features significant advances for MS analysis including a new patent pending technology

August 19, 2021 – Hoboken, NJ — Wiley, a global leader in research and education, today announced the 2021 release of its KnowItAll and ChemWindow software and spectral databases. This release includes patent pending technology that accelerates mass spectral (MS) analysis, equipping users with insights that may lead to more accurate identification of compounds. 

In this release, Wiley expanded KnowItAll’s industry leading IR and Raman capabilities with feature updates that accelerate MS analysis of unknown compounds, including new algorithms, additional file import/export filters, and new options to analyze mass spectra, including MS mixture analysis.

A major highlight in the release is the new MS Adaptive Search technology (patent pending). When matching an unknown spectrum against a reference, this technology finds matches that are similar to the unknown but have additional or missing selective fragment(s). It then suggests what might be causing the differences, where possible.

“When matching your spectrum against a library of reference spectra users cannot always get an exact match,” said Graeme Whitley, Product Director of Wiley Science Solutions. “When that happens, Adaptive Search provides practitioners tremendous insights about structural possibilities to explore. Ultimately, this may lead to more intelligent and confident identification and confirmation.”

Other notable highlights in this release include:

  • MS reverse search, mixture analysis
  • Fast property search
  • Significantly improved important accessibility features, including keyboard access to menus, audio narration for icons, and tooltips, in line with Wiley’s commitment to DE&I.
  • Addition of property calculators that can be used for single or batch calculations (mass, elemental, isotopic, C-13 NMR prediction, baseline analysis, SPLASH ID)
  • Improved Windows Object Linking & Embedding (OLE) for in-place editing and integration with Microsoft Office to improve KnowItAll and ChemWindow’s reporting and communication features
  • Links to OPSIN Name2Structure to convert a chemical or common name to a structure
  • Reintroduced reaction drawing and reaction file support for ChemWindow and KnowItAll
  • Overall quality review to ensure feature stability and improve user experience
  • Addition of new NMR and IR data to spectral collections

Wiley continues to advance research and discovery through its investment in technology-based solutions like KnowItAll and ChemWindow that provide vital interpretation tools for researchers and practitioners, who are enhancing productivity and making an impact in many application areas such as environmental, forensics, polymer, homeland security, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and German

KNOWITALL and CHEMWINDOW are trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in certain jurisdictions. Learn more about Wiley’s KnowItAll Software and Spectral Libraries at


About KnowItAll Software
KnowItAll Software offers solutions to analyze and manage multiple types of spectral and chemical data in multiple file and instrument formats. KnowItAll’s integrated toolsets eliminate the need for multiple software packages and increase overall lab efficiency. Combined with the world’s largest spectral reference database—including the Sadtler and Wiley’s renowned spectral libraries and spectra from trusted partners—KnowItAll gives chemists the most advanced technology available for spectral analysis and chemical structure drawing. Learn more at

About KnowItAll Spectral Databases
Researchers use spectral search software along with spectral databases to identify unknown substances and verify the composition of materials in hundreds of applications and industries. First, precision instruments measure a substance and produce a spectrum, which is expressed as a graph showing a series of peaks that is specific to the sample material. That spectrum is then compared to a reference database of the measured spectra of known substances using sophisticated search algorithms. If a matching spectrum is found, the material in question can be identified. Wiley’s KnowItAll solutions provide search software tools, as well as the world's most extensive collection of reference spectra used in this type of analysis. Learn more at

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