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SHAPERS: Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future


SHAPERS: Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future

By Jonas Altman

Due to be published by Wiley, August 2020

Priced £18.99

Hardcover and e-book

ISBN: 9781119659044


See your work from a whole new perspective and focus on what fulfils you


Now, more so than ever before, we are working in places, ways, and on things that were once the stuff of science fiction. Yet the reality is that most professionals are unhappy in their work. Whether you want to reset your career, strike out on your own, or just ignite more joy in what you do, in SHAPERS, author Jonas Altman shows readers how to create a working life that reveals meaning while rewriting our collective future.

A shaper is someone who becomes energised by work. The way they work provides for the highest expression of self. They lead deeper and more fulfilling lives because what they do every day serves them and the greater good.

Altman is a workologist who guides companies to leave politics and posturing behind in favour of transparent and trusting cultures. In SHAPERS he explains how, when we connect with something larger than ourselves, we enjoy the fruits of our labour as well as the journey - the sweat and the struggle. He describes how it’s the unyielding commitment to a purpose that gives shapers their shimmer. The benefits of this shine are plentiful: enhanced wellbeing, more community engagement, a healthier economy, better work for all, and a more beautiful world.

The stories and anecdotes in SHAPERS come from hundreds of interviews with innovators dedicated to improving our outdated system of work - trailblazers including CEOs, organisational designers, social psychologists, workplace strategists, and start-up entrepreneurs. 

After decades facilitating culture-defining practices for leaders, Altman has written this new book to help readers benefit from his experience, including how to: 

  • Adopt the mindset for creativity, innovation, and boundless growth
  • Amplify your career and inspire others to do the same
  • Build fluid and engaged teams to work better together
  • Become a better leader though the five new modes of leadership
  • Learn what underpins the most resilient organisations in the world


“Now is an extraordinary time in which we can indulge the human spirit and our impulse to do the work that matters,” says Altman. “Instead of clinging to age-old attitudes, we have a ripe opportunity to reimagine work and our place in it. We have an unprecedented chance to renew ourselves in the work we do.”

For those seeking the freedom to approach work in their own unique way and become energised by what they do, SHAPERS is the ultimate guide. 




SHAPERS will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold.



"Do you wish you could throw yourself into your work, become energised and enriched by it, and leave the world a better place? Then SHAPERS is for you. Altman shows that your idiosyncrasies and unique skills are not the obstacles to achievement and purpose. They are the path.” –Daniel H. Pink#1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN and DRIVE

“With countless nuggets of timeless wisdom, SHAPERS gently nudges readers to envision new possibilities for them to build more meaningful, joyful work and lives.” –Amy C. EdmondsonProfessor, Harvard Business School, author of The Fearless Organisation and Teaming

"Altman mixes together case studies, anecdotes and careful empirical research to offer wise and practical advice about how to make work better, and thus to get better work. If companies followed even a quarter of his suggestions they would foster a more productive and more satisfied workplace for everyone. And his engaging, informal style makes for effortless reading.” –Barry Schwartz teaches at Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley and is the author of The Paradox of Choice and Why We Work


About the Author:

JONAS ALTMAN is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur on a mission to make the world of work more human. As the founder of award-winning design practice Social Fabric, he creates learning experiences to elevate and grow leaders at the world’s boldest organisations. He speaks regularly at conferences about the future of work, advises companies on culture change and travels the globe learning about the changing nature of work. His chronicles have appeared in The Guardian, Quartz, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times. For leisure he enjoys riding waves.
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