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OFFLINE: Free Your Mind From Smartphone and Social Media Stress

By Imran Rashid and Soren Kenner

Paperback and e-book, £12.99

ISBN: 9780857087935

Published by Capstone, January 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019 7:24 am EST

Authors Imran Rashid and Soren Kenner have sparked an international debate by revealing the "mind hacks" Facebook, Apple, Google, and Instagram use to get you and your children hooked on their products. 

In OFFLINE, they deliver an eye-opening research-based journey into the world of tech giants, smartphones, social engineering, and subconscious manipulation. This provocative work shows you how digital devices change individuals and communities for better and worse. Learn more about:

  • How addictive design tampers with your brain and your ability to focus
  • What creates echo-chamber effects and cognitive bias
  • Why FOMO (fear of missing out) impacts self-esteem
  • How Social Media grouping mechanisms change your perception of reality
  • Why depleting your online self-control leads to poor decisions in your professional and personal life
  • How to resist "digital pollution" as an individual and as a family

OFFLINE shows readers – whether individuals, families, companies, public health organisations or simply anyone interested in the topic on a larger scale – exactly what kind of social-engineering mechanisms are being used to compel your attention –– and what you can do to avoid falling prey to digital pollution.

A must-read for anyone that uses smartphones or tablets and spends time browsing social networks, playing online games or even just browsing sites with news and entertainment.  Learn how to recognize ‘mind hacks’ and avoid the potentially disastrous side-effects of digital pollution. Unplug from the matrix. Learn digital habits that work for you.


OFFLINE by Imran Rashid and Soren Kenner will be available wherever books and e-books are sold, priced £12.99.


About the authors:

Dr. Imran Rashid is qualified family physician and an experienced IT-entrepreneur. As the former Head of Innovation at Aleris-Hamlet Private Hospitals, the largest chain of private hospitals in Denmark, he has been at the forefront of understanding how digital habits impact our mental and physical health. His study of the interaction between the human brain and connected technologies such as smartphones, tablets and social networks provides qualified answers to some of the burning questions in modern society surrounding the impact of technology on our health. He is the leading expert on Digital Health in Denmark and primary healthcare consultant for PFA, the largest pension fund in Denmark. Moreover he is a contributor to several private and public organizations as well as the Danish government research into stress and digital habits and a very sought for lecturer and Keynote speaker, in both educational, healthcare and parenting circles as well as in businesses in the areas of human resource management and conscious leadership.

Soren Kenner is a well-known online marketeer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of several very successful marketing agencies. He is a former chairman at McCann MRM EMEA servicing global clients such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Microsoft, Mastercard, Lucent and Nestle. He is also the co-founder of online trading company (later TradeKing), Hello Group (marketing), Moodagent (audio-fingerprinting), Intivation (solar cells for phones), Sparrow Quantum (single photon light-sources) and Concordium (foundational blockchain technology). Apart from his interest in business he is also an accomplished children's author, published in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

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