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LIFE WILL SEE YOU NOW: Quit Waiting for the Light at the End of the Tunnel and Light That F*cker Up for Yourself

By Gavin Oattes

 Due to be published by Capstone, 20th February 2020

Paperback original and e-book, £10.99

ISBN: 9780857088086

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 8:40 am EST
"I literally didn’t put this book down…Buy it, love it, remember it."

“Funny, enigmatic and heartfelt, Gavin Oattes is officially the 4th emergency service. If you’re stopped by the roadside of life, the wheels close to coming off, this book is a must.” - Jamie McCall, VP Brand Marketing, Nike Direct EMEA

 “I literally didn’t put this book down…Buy it, love it, remember it.” - Jason Byrne, Comedian and Radio Host

In Life Will See You Now, best-selling author, award winning comedian and international keynote speaker Gavin Oattes challenges readers to live life better than they have to, to never be afraid of their own style and to blow their own mind.

Cast your mind back to that album that changed your life, that movie that moved your whole world, and the opening chapter of that book that changed your life forever. The hairs on the back of your neck stood, adrenaline rushed through your entire body with the weight of the world gone from your shoulders. Close your eyes and remember that feeling right there in that moment?

Life Will See You Now is a rousing, uplifting anthem that will inspire you to put down your phone, rediscover what truly matters and completely rethink what ‘making it’ in life actually means. 

A personal development title with a difference – there’s no step-by-step guide and no map to change your life – it provides readers with hilarious, real life inspiration, motivation and energy to figure it out for yourself and rediscover that little piece of magic you had when you were just five years old. 

Oattes makes the argument – backed by both positive psychology and an abundance of childlike wonder – that in an anxious world ruled by pressure, ego and other people’s expectations, we are all incredibly lucky to be alive at a time where kindness, gratitude, play and ice-lollies really do matter.

Remember, you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. . .




Life Will See You Now will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold, priced £10.99.

About the author:

Gavin Oattes is now regarded as one of the most talented and sought after speakers in the UK, regularly delivering keynote speeches at conferences and exhibitions around the world. He's the Managing Director of Tree of Knowledge, a company which runs speaking events, workshops and training courses for businesses and schools.


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