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dummies Gets a Fresh New Look

dummies announces a fresh new look to its globally recognized brand with an all new design for, refreshed covers and interiors for its iconic book products, and a makeover for the dummies man. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 2:25 pm EDT

Retaining its distinctive yellow and black colors, these design updates ensure that dummies continues to provide information in an engaging, modern and accessible way that makes learning easy for the brand’s existing customers as well as a new generation of learners.

Since the first book was published in 1991, dummies has transformed complex topics into easy-to-use information to help people gain the skills, knowledge and insights they need to be successful. To date there are 250 million books in print.


“The dummies brand was built on a foundation of expert guidance and an approachable style to help anyone learn anything,” said David Palmer, Brand Director. “And we continue to update our style and format to create positive learning experiences that provide the content people need, in a format that they want.”


In line with the increasing trend towards digital learning, expands its online offering to provide innovative digital experiences for those in pursuit of academic achievement, professional advancement and self-development.  Whether through its test prep products and online courses with anytime/anywhere access, or curated content on a range of relevant topics, new resources will provide maximum benefit to consumers.


The new branding debuts on in May 2016 and on books during the following months.



Notes to editors:

  • The term “dummies” will be used in reference to digital proprieties as well as the brand as a whole
  • The term “for dummies” continues to be used to describe print and ebook products as well as serving as part of a  book’s title
  • Examples of refreshed cover images and interiors are available on request
  • For additional content or information including infographics, ‘top 10’ facts, or examples of where dummies books have featured in TV and film, please contact us.


Melissa Connors, Publicity Manager

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