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Diary of a Brilliant Kid

Top Secret Guide to Awesomeness

By Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey

Due to be published by Capstone, October 2018

Paperback original and e-book, £10.99

ISBN: 9780857087867

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 11:42 am EDT
"I’ve just finished How To Be A Brilliant Kid it was very very very good. I’ve got lots of top tips and it was very funny. I like how it gets more factual as the story goes along and I wish there was a sequel"

“Congrats. You’re alive. But are you really living? And when you get a bit older and pressure really kicks in, will you be able to shine?”

We proudly present Diary of a Brilliant Kid, the world’s best ever personal development book for the 8-12s. It’s the tweenager's guide for navigating life’s ups, downs, straight bits, bends and cul-de-sacs. Based on the science of positive psychology, Diary of a Brilliant Kid is an interactive collection of science, stories, theories, top tips, quotes (and occasional mayhem), packaged so that children can learn to take charge of their own wellbeing.

The rules of growing up have changed. Everything’s got a whole lot faster and the pressures are bigger than ever. In fact everything’s on the up, except happiness and wellbeing, which are at an all-time low. But have no fear, help is at hand. Authors Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey explain that, yes, everything is changing but that's okay! It's actually more than okay - it's exciting - because you’re changing too! Age 8 to 12 is the perfect time to define who you are and to create habits of thinking that allow you to face up to the world, sunny side up.

Think of Diary of a Brilliant Kid as a leg up to the next level of your life; the cheat codes; life hacks that prepare children to make a dent in the universe. It also happens to be the funniest ‘serious’ book ever.

Full colour, and written in journal format, the authors offer reassurances that no matter how the reader feels, no matter what's happening in their head right now, just because you’ve messed up doesn’t mean you are messed up. You have a unique collection of talents, dreams and strengths with a whole life to go at.

So our thinking is this: if you’re gonna rise, you may as well shine.

With chapters such as “How to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”; and “Your future is bright: You’re gonna need shades”, Diary of a Brilliant Kid contains activities throughout to take the reader inside their own head, out into the world and everywhere their dreams may take them as they…

  • Learn how to make the kinds of choices that make them feel alive
  • Conquer the three R's of happiness: relationships, relationships and relationships
  • Get a handle on today, tomorrow and what comes next
  • Learn how to shine at school and home
  • Learn how to win friends and influence people
  • Unleash their inner superhero
  • Work their way up the maximum end of life’s ‘botheredness spectrum’
  • Come alive, even on a Monday
  • Push their comfort zones
  • Take charge of their feelings
  • Bounce back from the tough stuff, and discover the seven words that will change their life

At this age, there's a lot to learn, but one lesson is clear: never be afraid to shine. Stand up, stand out and be spectacular. Diary of a Brilliant Kid gives readers the map and compass to start their own journey today.


“I’ve just finished How To Be A Brilliant Kid it was very very very good. I’ve got lots of top tips and it was very funny. I like how it gets more factual as the story goes along and I wish there was a sequel” – Issie, age 10

Diary of a Brilliant Kid by Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold, priced £10.99.

About the authors:

Dr Andy Cope: has spent 12 years researching positive psychology, culminating in a ‘PhD in Happiness’ from Loughborough University and is the UK’s first Doctor of Happiness. He works globally, delivering wellbeing workshops for business and schools. Andy is also author of the best-selling Children's book series Spy Dog, the personal development Art of Being Brilliant Series and Happiness – your route map to inner joy.

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Gavin Oattes: award winning comedian, best-selling children’s author and former Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Gavin was part of award winning comedy group ‘The Colour Ham’ and had four sell-out Edinburgh Fringes in a row. He is now Managing Director and owner of Tree of Knowledge, one of the UK’s most exciting people development organisations. Find out more:

Will Hussey has published a host of books aimed at cultivating creative thinking, and is a keen advocate of Growth Mindsets. His innovative ideas and strategies create transformational practice and improvement – facilitating positive, sustainable change. Will enjoys inspiring children and adults through key-note speaking, training and workshops. He has completed three London marathons and the Snowdon marathon. He’s vowed ‘never again,’ again. Will has a wife and two children that don’t take him too seriously.

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