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The Visualisation of Spatial Social Structure

Monday, September 10, 2012 8:08 am EDT

What would happen if you applied the data visualisation techniques of 2012 to data from the 1980s?

Danny Dorling explores this in his latest book: The Visualisation of Spatial Social Structure.

Published by Wiley, The Visualisation of Spatial Social Structure introduces new ways of visualizing people in places. Using examples from 1980s Britain, Dorling is able to visualise the society inherited by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1979 and show how that society had been changed by 1990, the year of her forced resignation.

While the case study is 1980s Britain, the application of techniques demonstrated in the book are far wider. The author presents a unique combination of statistical focus and understanding of social structures and innovations in visualization, describing the rationale for, and development of, a new way of visualizing information in geographical research. Today’s software can be so flexible that these techniques can now be emulated without coding.

Lavishly illustrated with full colour graphics throughout, Dorling's unique approach shows how statistical data visualization techniques can enhance social science data.

An online companion site can be found at:

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