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Sex for Dummies

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 11:31 am EDT
"Everywhere I go I see young people who are together but each looking down at their phone. I think we need condoms for cell phones so that people don't forget the art of conversation."

The new edition of the Dummies’ classic has been updated to reflect modern views on sexuality and relationships including diversity and gender equality, consent, and millennials. Sex For Dummies will be published on July 23rd and is available for pre-order now.  

Hoboken, NJ (June 2019) The summer may have just begun but America’s favorite psychosexual therapist and pop culture icon, Dr. Ruth Westheimer has kept herself busy. Earlier this month she celebrated her 91st birthday and recently saw the release of Ask Dr. Ruth, a Hulu documentary that chronicles her incredible life, directed by Ryan White. Up next she’ll release a revised edition of the Dummies’ classic, Sex For Dummies on July 23rd. The first update to the book in over 13 years reflects 21st century standards and modern views on sexuality and relationships including diversity, gender equality, millennials and sexuality and other societal changes. Sex For Dummies is currently available for pre-order and will be available wherever books are sold on July 23rd  


“When the 3rd Edition was published there was no such thing as swiping on Tinder, smart phones weren't causing an epidemic of loneliness and gay marriage was a distant dream. The sex act itself may not have changed but human relations have undergone large shifts that need to be addressed so a 4th edition was absolutely necessary,” says Dr. Ruth of the new edition.  


Dr. Ruth’s unabashed and honest approach to educating the public about sex is reflected in Sex For Dummies, a comprehensive and fun guide to everything there is to know about sex. Dr. Ruth helps readers explore the ins and outs of dating and commitment and explains how to talk about sex with partners, in order for everyone to have a happy, safe and rewarding sex life.  


The new edition of the book reflects modern views on sex and relationships and explores topics like online dating, same sex marriage and transgender relationships. Dr. Ruth has also includes advice about talking to children and young adults about sex. One of her biggest concerns around modern sex is about millennials and the art of conversation, a topic covered in the book.  


Dr. Ruth explains, “Everywhere I go I see young people who are together but each looking down at their phone. I think we need condoms for cell phones so that people don't forget the art of conversation.” 


Sex doesn’t have to be taboo and thanks to Dr. Ruth’s timeless wisdom on the subject, Sex For Dummies is a perfect guide for everyone to learn more about sex to get the most out of their relationships.  


About the Author - Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer is a psychosexual therapist who sprang to national attention in the early 80’s with her live radio program, Sexually Speaking. She went on to have her own TV program, is the author of 46 books and has over 95,000 followers on Twitter @AskDrRuth. A one-woman show about her life, “Becoming Dr. Ruth” has played in New York and other cities while a documentary about her life Ask Dr. Ruth can be seen on Hulu. Dr. Ruth teaches at Columbia University’s Teachers College and Hunter College, lives in New York and has two children and four grandchildren.  


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