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Global Logistics For Dummies

By SOLE – The International Society of Logistics

Edited by John J. Erb, DML and Sarah R. James, DML

Published April 2018 (UK)/December 2017 (US)

£19.99/ US$26.99/ EUR 22.60

Paperback and e-book

ISBN 9781119212157

Monday, April 16, 2018 10:51 am EDT

For those looking to expand their successful domestic business abroad, Global Logistics For Dummies is a one-stop reference to help users identify all aspects of operating in a global logistics environment - and avoid or overcome any possible challenges that may outweigh the perceived benefits of operating in a new location.

Starting with the basics of getting started in global logistics, it covers areas including: ‘Manufacturing in a Global Environment’, ‘Providing Logistics Services to Global Customers’, and ‘Being Part of a Global Humanitarian &

Disaster Relief Logistics Team’. It closes with traditional dummies ‘Part of Tens’ which includes ‘Ten “Stars” of Global Logistics’, ‘Ten Examples of Global Logistics Gone Wrong’ and ‘Top Ten Resources’.

Aimed at business users including manufacturers, product distributors, providers of logistics services, humanitarian and disaster relief responders, and logisticians on both ends of a global chain that are making the decision to embark on entering the global logistics market, the book provides a thorough overview of the various environments and whole-enterprise logistics elements that should be considered in the decision.

From pre-production, through production, to post-production/in-service support, to the end of the product or service life-cycle it explains how global logistics demands the involvement of all elements of the business enterprise.

Covering areas which look at how to:

  • Make a case for going global
  • Involve the whole business
  • Discern cultural differences
  • Figure out best practices
  • Provide global logistics disaster relief
  • Recover from losses/theft
  • Benefit from others' experiences


Global Logistics For Dummies offers expert, actionable guidance needed to ensure that the transition from a domestic to global enterprise is a smooth one from start to finish.


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Notes to Editors:

About the authors:

Co-edited by both SOLE’s current president, and Executive Director/Past President, the writing team members have over 200 combined years of global public agency and commercial logistics experience, including hands-on experience with major manufacturing and consulting companies such as Battelle, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, and General Dynamics Information Technology.

About For Dummies:

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