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Cooking to the Image: A Plating Handbook

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 8:08 am EST

COOKING TO THE IMAGE: A PLATING HANDBOOK (Wiley Paperback; November 21, 2012; $45.00) offers readers a fascinating perspective of a culinary art that demonstrates taste as not simply a means of creating flavor, but also a cultural context larger than the Professional kitchen. It provides future chefs with the prerequisites to cultivate a professional viewpoint, to investigate these deeper meanings of plating by considering the different ways a chef looks at food. Its goal is to provide a map of how a chef creates a plate of food by considering such questions as:

  • Where in the menu is this food item to be placed?
  • What food is selected? How is the food prepared? How will it be served?
  • How is it presented in relationship to other food on the plate?
  • How much will it cost?

This book makes visible the fundamental meanings in plated presentations. Plating exposes a chef’s deepest beliefs about what food is, and how food should be. Structured as a design process, Cooking to the Image: A Plating Handbook outlines how personal creativity and professional traditions fuse to create successful plated presentations of food. It also introduces the concept of culinary research in chef education, defining the menu as a central component of culinary understanding and explores the following to guide you toward creating successful plated presentations:

  • Your Field of Vision: explains why an educated viewpoint forms the parameters of plating.
  • The Plate in Context: outlines the guidelines of a chef’s vision by relating plate design to the menu.
  • Framing Culinary Art: uses the idea of art history and culinary craft to create a culinary Art history.
  • Classical, Nouvelle, New American, Fusion, and Global Styles, and Interactive Table Setting: provides detailed analyses of styles within the Plate Frame of the culinary Art history.
  • Design and Culinary Plate Archetypes: explores design by relating various contemporary plate styles.
  • Critiquing Culinary Art and Culinary Values: guides in critiquing presentation, and considers customer viewpoints by matching consumer values to the work done by chefs.

Elegantly adorned with over 100 photos and illustrations

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