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Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success

Published May 2018 by Wiley

£21.99/ US$27.00/ EUR 24.60

Hardcover and e-book

ISBN: 9781119387305

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 10:51 am EDT
"I have found a way to guide my life in a positive direction, realising success I never thought possible. It’s a little secret I call Strive."


Does success elude you? Have you read countless articles and books about improving your life but got nowhere close to success? You’re not alone, says Scott Amyx, author of Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success.

Strive draws on Amyx’s own story of an impoverished immigrant who was frequently told that he would amount to nothing. Now a celebrated venture capitalist and futurist, he describes his meteoric rise from obscurity to prominence.

His dramatic turnaround led to the hypothesis that what really drives success is not intellect, opportunities, or even network; instead, it’s all about pursuing personal change that’s uncomfortable. 

Success is not merely a matter of being born in the right place at the right time to the right family. It involves much more than hard work, money, practice, or even intellect. History is littered with people—those with high IQ, talent, money, power, and fame—who squandered every advantage and ended badly. 

There is, however, a way to reach your goals,” says Amyx. “I have found a way to guide my life in a positive direction, realising success I never thought possible. It’s a little secret I call Strive.”

He continues: “Strive is the principle that helped me take control of my life. It’s about embracing change and doing things way outside your comfort zone. Strive demands persevering in the face of rejection and adversity.

“Taking control of your success is something you can do right away. It’s available to everyone, not just the privileged few. It’s only when we do the things most uncomfortable that we realise the greatest gain, which didn’t seem possible.”

Readers will learn how it's done with Amyx’s original S.T.R.I.V.E. approach to achieving lasting success.

S - Set a goal

T - Think about how to get there and plan for success

R - Risk: embrace it, expect it

I - Insights, or What did you learn from your uncomfortable change or risk?

V - Verify progress

E - Enhance yourself, mentally and physically, with safe biohacking

Strive doesn't offer any guarantees. What it delivers is an approach that - regardless of background, upbringing, talent, time, or education - enables readers to use what they’ve got to work with to take the best shot at real, lasting success.

Strive is available in hardcover and e-book priced £21.99




Scott Amyx grew up an impoverished immigrant who was frequently told he would amount to nothing. Today he is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, and author on the Internet of Things and emerging technologies. He received the Cloud & DevOps World 2016 Award for Most Innovative and was voted Top Global IoT Influencer & Expert by Inc. magazine. He also was named Top IoT Authority by the Internet of Things Institute, and's Top 10 Global Speakers. In addition, Scott has been nominated to the World Economic Forum as a committee member for the Future of the Internet and nominated by global luminaries for TED Talk

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