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The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book

Thursday, October 29, 2015 12:00 am EDT

If someone in your life needs an antidote to a busy or stressful life, then pop a copy of The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book in their stocking this Christmas.  Written by Gill Hasson, author of the bestselling bookMindfulness, it will be just what’s needed to help them switch off and relax over the festive season.

This pocket-sized book contains colouring, games, and activities all designed to help the reader break away from  their everyday concerns, switch off the mind, wind down and relax – the perfect companion for travelling or on the daily commute. Giving the mind something specific to focus on will allow thoughts to flow easily but without any complex thinking or planning with each activity providing a balance between challenge and skill. The level of engagement keeps the attention so focused that the reader becomes fully absorbed in the moment, preventing stressful thoughts from entering their head.

The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book includes:

•     Colouring 
•     Zentangles (creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns)

•     Optical illusion activities

•     Origami

•     Mazes

•     Word Puzzles

•     Doodling activities

•     Drawing games

•     Observation games

Multimedia Files:

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Gill Hasson is the author of the international bestsellers Mindfulness: Be mindful. Live in the moment and Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career, also published by Capstone.

She works with people from diverse backgrounds and situations. Her key motivation is her belief in the ability of people to positively change their way of thinking - about life, other people, and themselves.

She is a freelance journalist and writes articles on personal development and relationships for a variety of magazines, including Psychologies and Take a Break and for a number of websites.

As well as delivering adult education courses in personal development, she is an associate tutor for the University of Sussex where she teaches career and personal development and academic study skills. She delivers training in child and adolescent development to preschool, youth and social workers, teachers and parents.

She is the co-author of two other books, How to be Assertive in Any Situation and Bounce: Use the Power of Resilience to Live the Life You Want, and the sole author of Brilliant Communication Skills.

Gilly Lovegrove is an experienced illustrator. She creates illustrations and visuals digitally and by hand and has experience in advertising, brochures, children’s books, cartoon and character development, corporate literature, editorial, educational books and packaging.

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