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Marin Katusa Explores How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America's Grasp

Friday, November 7, 2014 8:08 am EST

A new book argues that Russian President Vladimir Putin is being underestimated in dangerous and costly ways by the U.S. and its western allies, especially in one critical sector: energy. In THE COLDER WAR: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America's Grasp (Wiley; on sale Nov. 10, 2014; hardcover; $29.95), analyst Marin Katusa makes the case that Putin is exploiting Russia’s new role as the world’s leading energy supplier (the country exports more oil than the UAE, Kuwait and Iraq combined; has world’s largest natural gas reserves; and is the top uranium exporter) to strong-arm governments and reassert its global importance.

Just last month an agreement was reached that Russia would provide Ukraine with heating energy for the winter. This is just the latest move in a long-running battle between the two nations for control over the abundant natural resources in the region, which Katusa believes is at the heart of the current violence there. But the implications of Russian energy dominance reach even further than its immediate neighbors, he writes in THE COLDER WAR. Russia already supplies much of the European Union’s energy, controls pipelines and other transportation means for oil and natural gas throughout Eurasia, and is the world’s leading supplier of the materials needed by all nuclear power plants. This gives Russia considerable influence over scores of nations, and the impact it has on its relations with others—such as the U.S.—can’t be ignored.

Among the topics Katusa can discuss in an interview:

  • Why energy is at the heart of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and why there will not be a swift resolution;
  • Why Vladimir Putin believes Russia’s natural resources are the key to making his nation a world leader again;
  • Why the U.S.’s belief that fracking and liquid natural gas will lead the nation to energy independence is wrong;
  • How Russia has slowly come to dominate almost every part of the process of creating nuclear energy, and how this affects plants as far away as the United States;
  • How Russia has managed to become the number one supplier of natural gas to Europe, and what this means for its political power there;
  • Why Russia would like to do away with the petrodollar, and thus take away the power that American currency has in the world economy today;
  • What the U.S. and other nations can do to counter these moves by Russia and protect their energy supplies and political futures; and
  • How Putin has consolidated his government’s control over the natural resource sector through deals with multinational corporation and oligarchs.

Katusa, 36, is one of the leading experts on—and most successful portfolio managers in—the energy and resource exploration sectors. Since 2007, has been the chief energy investment strategist for Casey Research. He is also a regular contributor to the Business News Network (BNN), and has been interviewed by global media outlets such as CNBC, RT, CBC, Bloomberg and Forbes.

THE COLDER WAR is a timely and fascinating look at Vladimir Putin’s master plan to make Russia a world leader again, and what this could mean for everyone’s energy consumption in the decades to come.


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