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LEAD: 50 Models for Success in Work & Life

  By John D H Greenway, Andy Blacknell and Andy Coombe

Due to be published 18th September 2018

Paperback and ebook, priced £10.99

ISBN: 9780857087911

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 10:17 am EDT
"When the leader gets better, everyone gets better."

“When the leader gets better, everyone gets better.”

LEAD: 50 Models for Success in Work and Life is like the best coach or mentor who gives you space to reflect and provokes you to action to reach your vision and achieve your goals.  It offers the very best leadership thinking and practice, enabling readers to find their purpose and thrive as they both self-coach and mentor others.

This new book, written by a team of respected authors in their field, will help users grow as a leader in a dynamic way that goes right to the heart of their purpose and dreams.  Going well beyond traditional, fixed planning processes, which are out of date as soon as the ink dries, or the temporary ‘high’ of having completed a leadership development course, LEAD helps readers recognise the complexity of the challenges they face and navigate these effectively and flexibly.

LEAD can be applied directly to any leadership situation and will make a huge, lasting impact upon how people lead themselves, their teams, and their organisations.

Filled with enduring principles, inspiring stories and practical tools, the authors bring their own fresh perspectives to help readers:

  • Map the journeys that they want to make in work and life
  • Navigate through life’s twists and turns to success
  • Grow themselves and others as leaders

LEAD will help users to be clearer and more confident, to fulfil their potential and succeed in work and life.


LEAD will be available in paperback and e-book priced £10.99



John D H Greenway loves helping people find their purpose, clarify their priorities and fulfil their potential. He has 30 years’ experience working with business leaders to build winning teams. He distilled his insights into his first book, Leaders’ Map: helping doers think and thinkers do. After graduating from Nottingham and Durham Universities, he has led business divisions, directed global accounts, sat on boards, worked with aid organisations and coached sports teams. He and his wife live in central London and are involved in the leadership of a thriving, multi-cultural church. They have three adult children and an ever-expanding clan.

Andy Blacknell’s passion is helping leaders and organisations to engage their people. With a history degree from the University of Oxford, he started work as an economist co-authoring books on the European Union and management development. He then worked for a major UK retailer, Woolworths and saw first-hand how difficult it is to lead change. As a partner at Willis Towers Watson, he has worked in the USA and UK on some of the world’s largest mergers and measured the engagement of millions of employees. He runs his own consulting business, Blacknell Ventures. He and his wife Alex have four children.

Andy Coombe is a leadership facilitator. He enables people to have the conversations they need to have to bring vitality and success to work and life. He has a master’s degree in organisational change from the University of Bristol. Before that he studied philosophy and theology at the University of Southampton. He has extensive operational and change advisory experience in the UK health sector, working with boards as both a director of an acute hospital trust and leading a change consultancy.  Andy now leads Kairos Consultancy, which focuses on leadership and organisational development. He is also engaged in executive coaching, mediation and large event facilitation. Andy works with his wife, Helen, who leads the Kairos work in international development. They have two daughters. In whatever time is left Andy runs marathons.

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