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Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Future Using Inbound Principles

Disruption Happens: New Book Helps Businesses

Get “Inbound” to Gain an Edge in a World Where Customers Rule

Today’s buyers hold more power than they used to. Yet the mindset and

corporate structure of many companies don’t take this new reality into account.

Inbound Organization, a new book by Dan Tyre and Todd Hockenberry, teaches

you to how to reinvent yourself in the face of this seismic shift

Thursday, May 3, 2018 10:52 am EDT

Hoboken, NJ (April 2018)—Once upon a time, sellers controlled the information buyers needed to make a decision. Buyers had to rely completely on what sellers said about their product to evaluate their options. Then came the Internet, and the balance of power flipped. Now customers go online, do research, and compare your product (and its price) to the products (and prices) of your many competitors.

We all know this. And yet, for many companies, this hugely disruptive shift hasn’t changed how they interact with customers or how they treat the employees they rely on to shape the customer experience.

The new book Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Future Using Inbound Principles (Wiley, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-119-48245-1, $25.00) has a message for companies still doing business the old way. The way your organization is structured, the mindset of your leaders, and the culture you’re creating are not aligned with buyer expectations—and this misalignment puts you at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Authors Dan Tyre and Todd Hockenberry say companies must shift their thinking in a fundamental way. They must align their mission strategies, action plans, and tools with how today’s buyers think, research, and buy. “Outbound” approaches based on chasing down customers and “hard selling” them will no longer serve you long-term. To succeed, you must become inbound.

As the book explains, the inbound approach is human, customer-centered, and focused on a specific persona. It educates and helps rather than overtly selling. It delivers an overall customer experience that keeps buyers coming back for more.  

Inbound Organization shows leaders how to build their company’s future around inbound principles and strengthen the structural foundations necessary to respond to the massive shifts in buyer behavior. While Tyre and Hockenberry include the Inbound Marketing Methodology used by marketing and sales software company HubSpot, they also go much further, expanding inbound thinking to apply to the entire organization.

 In the process, they explain how businesses can reinvent their relationships with buyers, employees, and partners. They lay out strategies and tactics for building a competitive advantage and increasing brand recognition, conversion rates, and market shares.

In this book you will:

• Discover the foundation of inbound principles

• Read about organizations that successfully apply inbound principles and learn how to put them into practice inside your own company 

• Discover how to create buyer personas, map the buyer journey, and establish a centralized view of the customer

• Discover the seven key attributes of an inbound culture and learn how they attract and retain the right kind of talent 

• Learn how to create an emotional connection with your customers 

• Keep your business on course to succeed amidst buyer changes

 This book is for the millions of companies around the world that may be struggling with building engagement with their customers, prospects, and a wider audience and wondering why it gets harder and harder each year to grow revenue and build enduring customer relationships. It delivers an encouraging message: You can close the disconnect between buyer behavior and your own mindset and corporate structure. And you can put the people, culture, and strategies in place to succeed in the age of buyer control.

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About the Authors:

Dan Tyre and Todd Hockenberry are coauthors of Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Future Using Inbound Principles (Wiley, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-119-48245-1, $25.00).

Dan Tyre joined HubSpot as a member of the original start-up team in 2007, and has led the sales recruiting, sales training, leadership program, and managed national and international sales teams. An authority on inbound marketing and sales, Dan is a regular speaker, writer, blogger, instructor, and coach to those who seek inbound success.

Todd Hockenberry founded and runs Top Line Results, a management consulting firm specializing in helping companies change and grow with inbound marketing and sales, matching best practice inbound strategies to each company’s particular situation and goals. He has helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses over the past decade. 

About the Book:

Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Future Using Inbound Principles (Wiley, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-119-48245-1, $25.00) is available at bookstores nationwide, from major online booksellers, and direct from the publisher by calling 800-225-5945. In Canada, call 800-567-4797. For more information, please visit the book’s page on

About Wiley:

Wiley, a global research and learning company, helps people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, combined with our digital learning, assessment and certification solutions help universities, learned societies, businesses, governments and individuals increase the academic and professional impact of their work. For more than 210 years, we have delivered consistent performance to our stakeholders. The company’s website can be accessed at




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