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Future Brain: The 12 keys to create your high-performance brain

Thursday, January 7, 2016 12:00 am EST

In Future Brain, Dr Jenny Brockis reveals how professionals can expand their brain’s capability to think well under stress, focus effectively to get more out of their day, and prepare themselves for future challenges. The book is a guide to brain fitness and health behaviours that will ensure readers stay competitive at work.

Utilising the latest neuro-scientific principles, Dr Brockis shows how to boost brain fitness by developing a habit-changing plan to get more done with less effort. Designed to be implemented at the individual, team, or organisational level, this practical book applies neuro-scientific principles in an easy-to-understand manner.

The book explains how to:

•          Use mindfulness to regain control of your thinking

•          Prime your brain by exercising at the optimal time

•          Reduce stress and avoid stress-related illnesses

•          Minimise fatigue at work

•          Foster healthy thinking habits to boost efficiency


Accessibly written with simple, action-based principles that can be incorporated into a daily routine, the book includes 12 daily steps to help the reader upgrade their brain and get brain fit. The ideas in the book will enable individuals, teams and organisations to reduce stress, anxiety and distraction to become more mindful, focused, creative and effective at work.

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Dr Jenny Brockis is a Medical Practitioner and healthy brain advocate. Born in York, she grew up in Surrey. Jenny has followed the adage of being a life-long learner graduating first as a Nightingale Nurse at St Thomas' Hospital, London, before undertaking her medical studies at Bristol University. Having worked as a Resident and SHO in a variety of hospitals she relocated to Australia with her husband. Based in Perth she established her own group medical practice, became a Fellow of the RACGP, and undertook further post-graduate qualifications in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Neuroleadership, and training in Mindfulness Meditation. She is the founder and Director of Brain Fit, a company that focuses on brain health and high performance.

An expert in brain fitness, performance and organizational health, she teaches individuals and organisations how to become more brain aware, to use brain fitness to eliminate poor thinking skills and boost mental performance. As a professional speaker and author of three books including Future Brain, Jenny provides cutting edge insights into how neuroscience provides the perfect pathway to navigate our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world so we can all be brain fit and future ready.

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