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Celebrated authors of The Wealth Dragon Way share top business tips for Year of the Monkey 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016 11:00 pm EST
"taken from the film The Jungle Book is a great daily mantra!"

When Walt Disney launched the timeless classic, The Jungle Book, in 1968, who knows if they deliberately chose the ‘Year of the Monkey’ to do so? Roll forward to 2016 and the Year of the Monkey falls once again, auspicious for both business and finance. So what’s stopping you from changing your life?

John Lee and Vincent Wong, authors of a new book on the subject of success and creating responsible and “infinite wealth”, have plenty of good advice for entrepreneurs.

“As BBC (British Born Chinese) children who grew up in the UK, we always celebrated both the Gregorian calendar New Year and the Chinese New Year. Both come around once a year, but as entrepreneurs we treat every day like New Year’s Day: a chance to start afresh and achieve something new. An important factor in our success, and something we advise everyone do to, is to find mentors and role models to emulate. If you want to be successful like your life heroes, study them and follow their paths in life. Whether you admire Sir Richard Branson, an Olympian or #leanin15 social media sensation, Joe Wicks, each of them has made great sacrifices and taken direct action in order to achieve their goals. And they keep learning from themselves and others. The line “I wanna be like you…” taken from the film The Jungle Book is a great daily mantra!

“Our Wiley-published book, The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, The When & The How To Become Infinitely Wealthy, has already inspired many readers and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come. We suggest some key tips and strategies to follow and share our own real-life experiences. In the book, we urge people to re-evaluate their relationship with money and success. We hope that the Year of the Monkey will help people from all backgrounds find the success they want.”

John Lee and Vincent Wong share some easy-to-remember top tips for the Chinese New Year, using M.O.N.K.E.Y as an acronym...

M         Money is NOT the root of all evil. If you grew up hearing these words fall from the mouths of your parents or friends, this will have subliminally (and possibly negatively) affected your relationship with money. A direct quote fromThe Wealth Dragon Way tells us “Money solves the problems that not having money creates”.

O         Opportunity is everywhere. You just have to establish what you want to achieve and how, with whom and where you need to achieve it. Learn from others and their mistakes and devise your own success plan, both realistically and in line with your other life commitments.

N         Network whenever and wherever you can, because, Your network is your net worth”. Never a truer expression was said when it comes to changing your life and re-evaluating who you are and where you want to go. As you grow and change, it is normal for some of your peer group, the negative ‘red-lighters’, to fall by the wayside. These will be the people who dismiss your hopes and dreams.

K         Knowledge is power. Educate yourself through books, podcasts, videos, training and seeking a mentor, to help drive you forward and ensure you remain on track and accountable. Become an expert in your field and understand your defining features (USPs) and why customers should buy from you rather than anyone else.

E          Enjoy what you do. We are naturally drawn to passionate people and positivity is  infectious. Make sure that you have a team that directly complements and enhances you and your business proposition. Sir Richard Branson is famously quoted as saying “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”.

Y          Yield is what we are all looking for in business. Whether you want to invest in property, start a film company or open a restaurant, we all want to build a profitable business but we also want long-term and lasting success, so you should favour organic and sustainable growth rather than a quick-buck return on your investment.

Editor’s Notes:-

1. ’Monkey-born’ people are smart and quick witted: Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Michael Douglas are all born in Monkey year cycles. As for the origins of the title ‘Year of the Monkey’, during the Spring and Autumn period (770 - 476 BC), the dignified Chinese official title of marquis was pronounced 'Hou', the same as the pronunciation of ‘monkey’ in Chinese. The animal was thereby bestowed with an auspicious meaning.


2. White, blue and gold colours have been used in this press release as they are deemed auspicious during Year of the Monkey.

3. For more information about the authors please visit

The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, The When & The How To Become Infinitely Wealthy, is available to buy at and within leading retail outlets. RRP £11.99.

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Authors John Lee and Vincent Wong are self-made Anglo-Chinese business partners, internationally acclaimed public speakers and the co-founders of Wealth Dragons, one of the world’s leading event promoters. They deliver training programmes and mentoring in property investment, FOREX training and business creation. Their focus is teaching people how to achieve financial freedom in a safe way.

The Wealth Dragon Way will guide readers towards a better understand of their relationship with personal wealth and examine what might be holding them back in their quest for success. First, the reader is encouraged to gain an understanding of why they should become wealthy; then the authors show how this strengthens and motivates the on-going journey – the when and how to work towards having infinite wealth. Ultimately, this book will help many readers dispel their self-imposed negative beliefs about success, money and the psychology of wealth.

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