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Banking on Change

The Development and Future of Financial Services

A collection of essays commissioned by The London Institute of Banking & Finance

 Published by Wiley, September 2019

Hardcover and ebook, priced £35.00/ US$46.99

ISBN: 9781119609988

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 9:03 am EST

The London Institute of Banking & Finance has launched its new book Banking on Change: The Development and Future of Financial Services, commissioned to mark its 140th anniversary.

Banking on Change provides insights by experts and influencers from across the financial services industry on some of the central questions facing the finance sector today, including:

  • What will happen in payments, in sustainable finance and in fintech
  • The reforms in regulation that would boost UK bank competition
  • How financial services can help protect our digital identities
  • The role of trade finance in underpinning global trade and avoiding the "financial abandonment" of emerging markets
  • Attracting and training diverse talent

Alex Fraser, Chief Executive of The London Institute of Banking & Finance said:

Banking on Change has been published at a time of rapid, and potentially dramatic, change and no sector is more affected than financial services. We commissioned experts from across the industry to give their views on its development and on the changes ahead. The book provides insights into the evolving mission of financial services, banking technology and its impacts, the changing business models of financial firms, sustainable finance challenges and, last but not least, people and skills. It’s a book that we hope will be of lasting value to everyone with an interest in financial services, for many years to come.”


PRAISE FOR Banking on Change

"In this 140th Anniversary celebration book, The London Institute of Banking & Finance stick to their core function of educating us all, but especially aspirant bankers, on the role and concerns of (retail and commercial) banking in the UK. They have assembled a well-chosen group of practitioners from a range of professions to write clear and easily assimilable essays, no technical expertise required, on a wide variety of current banking issues. If you want to learn about the current practices and problems of UK retail banking, this book must be essential reading." —Charles Goodhart, emeritus professor of banking and finance at the London School of Economics

"In this important book, a line from Bill Allen's contribution is key: 'Nobody can predict the ferocity of the gale of creative destruction' that faces the financial services sector. True; but if you read the many and varied contributions, you'll have a pretty good idea. Moreover, you'll understand how we (that is, bankers) got here – and what we should do to make the industry more competitive, fairer and more genuinely useful. It is a soup-to-nuts look at banking – from the early days of the Institute of Banking, through the go-go years of ifs, to a present and future that are likely to be dominated by technology. It is well-worth a long read." —Andrew Hilton, director, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

"If you were to imagine what a book celebrating 140 years of financial knowledge might contain, you could not come up with a better selection than this. As well as a historic sweep – from no-tech to fintech, the decline of trust and the rise of competition – today's hot subjects are addressed, including sustainable investing, cultural diversity and digital identity. The cradle-to-grave nature of the industry is captured in pieces about financial education and pensions. And it's well written, setting the scene nicely for the next era." —Jane Fuller, fellow of the Society of Investment Professionals




Banking on Change will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold, priced £35.00



  • All royalties go to The Institute’s 140th fundraising appeal to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students and to extend financial capability projects in the wider community

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