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Artificial Intelligence in Practice: How 50 Successful Companies Used AI and Machine Learning to Solve Problems

By Bernard Marr, with Matt Ward

Published by Wiley, April 2019
£29.99/ US$38.00

Hardcover and e-book

ISBN: 9781119548218

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 8:58 am EDT

Artificial Intelligence in Practice is an insightful exploration of the transformative power of technology in today's complex business environment.

This latest book from bestselling author and AI expert Bernard Marr, provides detailed examinations of 50 companies from around the globe that have successfully integrated AI into their business practices.

Examining examples from a wide range of industries – retail, media, telecom, financial, healthcare, manufacturing and more, including insights from some of the most important AI giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, and other forward thinking industry leaders, Artificial Intelligence in Practice shows how AI can be applied in innovative ways to transform industries and deliver results beyond expectations. It also presents compelling case studies from traditional businesses and start-ups, that detail how AI is being applied in the real world of business.

Marr provides an overview of each company, describes the specific problem AI addressed and explains how AI offered a workable solution. Each case study also contains a comprehensive overview, some technical details as well as key learning summaries.

Savvy business leaders are using AI to change the way they understand and interact with customers and offer more intelligent products and services, whilst improving and automating their business processes. Artificial Intelligence in Practice is a practical resource that demystifies how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to solve common business challenges and open the door to opportunities that often exceed expectations.




Artificial Intelligence in Practice will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold.



About the Authors:

BERNARD MARR is the founder and CEO of Bernard Marr & Co and an internationally best-selling business author, futurist, keynote speaker and strategic advisor to companies and governments. He is one of the world's most highly respected voices and a renowned expert when it comes to topics such as artificial intelligence and big data. Marr advises many of the world's best-known organizations on strategy, digital transformation and business performance. He is the author of Big Data in Practice: How 45 Successful Companies used Big Data Analytics to Deliver Extraordinary Results and Big Data: Using SMART Big Data, Analytics and Metrics To Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance, both published with Wiley.

MATT WARD is the research lead for Bernard Marr & Co. Matt has a background in investigative journalism and spent the last few years working closely with Bernard Marr on the latest technology topics. Matt is an expert and experienced writer in the field of business technology and artificial intelligence, where he has worked with companies such as IBM, Intel, Citibank and NASA.

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