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Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies

Thursday, May 1, 2014 8:08 am EDT

The current global recession has increased the emphasis that organisations throughout the world place on skills development and training. While specialised service organisations exist, many companies lack the means to outsource their training needs or invest in specially trained staff. Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies presents a solution by providing clear group leadership instruction with immediate applications to employees in any department.

Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies provides managers with the tools they need to facilitate rewarding group sessions by showing them how to engage attendees from the start, schedule with time and energy levels in mind and keep to a clear agenda. Managers will also learn how to:

  • Align outcomes and objectives, form an agenda and schedule and manage pre-work for attendees
  • Connect with the group, establish expectations and set ground rules
  • Set the pace, manage challenges and objections and troubleshoot issues
  • Effectively evaluate the session, ensure accountability and maintain momentum

Written by two highly experienced leadership and coaching consultants, this book provides all the information needed for any type of meeting, training session or workshop, with practical advice that can be put to work today.

Running Great Meetings and Workshops For Dummies by Jessica Pryce-Jones and Julia Lindsay is available in paperback and e-book for £14.99

Notes to editors:

  • Review copies and jacket images are available on request


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