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For Dummies® Expands with “In a Day” Series to Provide Unique and Quick Information

Friday, May 18, 2012 8:08 am EDT

The popular For Dummies® brand of reference books is expanding its accessibility with the “In a Day” series, e-book only titles that offer affordable, focused, on-the-go instruction in a format. The first five in the series will be available in May 2012.

Dummies “In a Day” e-books include unique elements specifically created for this series, such as directions to online practice tutorials and quick 5-minute exercises designed to help readers get a better grasp of the topic. In coordination with the e-books, directs readers “Where To Go From Here,” featuring task lists, exercises, and other training elements designed facilitate learning. All titles include at least one online “Part of Tens” segment, which has been a favorite feature of print Dummies books.

The series will launch with Launch A Blog in a Day For Dummies®Increase Your Influence in a Day For Dummies®Rugby Rules in a Day For Dummies®, among others. Future e-books will cover topics such as Play the UkeBuying & Serving Wine, and Travel Photography.

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