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Future Details of Architecture

Friday, July 25, 2014 8:08 am EDT

The architectural detail is up for grabs. Never has there been a moment when it has been riper for reinvention. In this era of digital design and production technologies, new materials, parametrics, building information modeling (BIM), augmented realities and the nano-bio-information-computation convergence, the detail has become a vital force for innovation in architecture.

Though digitally designed and produced details are diminishing in size to molecular and nano levels, they are increasingly becoming more complex, multi-functional, high performance and self-replicating. Far from being a non-essential and final finish, this new type of highly evolved high-tech detail is rapidly becoming the indispensable and critical core of an innovative new built environmental form that is spawning in scale and prominence, across product, interior, urban and landscape design.

Future Details of Architecture re-examines the history, theories and design of the world’s most significant spatial details and explores their innovative potentials and possibilities for the future of architecture.

Contributors to this latest edition of Architectural Design (AD) include Rachel Armstrong, Nic Clear, Edward Ford, Dennis Shelden and Skylar Tibbits. It also features architects including Ben van Berkel, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Peter Macapia, Carlo Ratti, Philippe Rahm, Patrik Schumacher and Neil Spiller and the topics they cover will be of interest to architects and architectural students, as well as students and practitioners in related fields such as interior and landscape design.

Future Details of Architecture is available wherever books are sold, priced £24.99.


Notes to editors:

Review copies and jacket images are available on request

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