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Drawing and Reinventing Landscape

How to tackle representation in landscape design

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 8:08 am EDT

Representation in landscape architecture has become a critical issue with the transformation of the discipline. In recent years, landscape architecture has left behind not only what it did but how it represented it. While computerisation has been a catalyst for change across many fields in design, no other design field has experienced such drastic reinvention. As the world urbanises rapidly and our relationship with nature changes, it is vitally important that landscape designers adopt innovative forms of representation.

In Drawing and Reinventing Landscape, author Diana Balmori – a renowned practitioner and educator – explores notions of representation in the discipline at large and across time. She takes readers from landscape design's roots in seventeenth-century France and eighteenth-century England through to modern attempts at representation made by contemporary landscape artists.

Addressing a central topic in the discipline of landscape architecture, this latest title in the AD Primer series features both historic works and those by leading contemporary practitioners, such as Bernard Lassus, Richard Haag, Stig L Andersson, Lawrence Halprin and Patricia Johanson, as well as those of Landscape Urbanists. These new attempts at representation now emerge from an upheaval in the discipline itself.The narrative and rich selection of images here also convey Balmori’s deep knowledge and ensuing pleasure and delight in the act of drawing. An investigation of beauty in all of its forms, this volume provides landscape design students and professionals with creative perspectives on a crucial aspect of the design process.

With a Foreword by Michel Conan, chapters cover areas including: The Contemporary Reinvention of Landscape Architecture and its Representation; The Pleasure of Drawing; Notebooks, Early Sketches and Late Drawings; Contemporary Landscape Architects and Landscape Artists; Landscape Urbanism; Historical Issues in Landscape Architecture; and Contemporary Issues Deriving from Change, including Computing and Hybridising.

Containing 150 full-colour images, Drawing and Reinventing Landscape is an informative investigation of beauty in landscape design, offering inspiring creative perspectives for students and professionals alike.

Drawing and Reinventing Landscape is available wherever books and e-books are sold priced £27.99.


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